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The Design Process

A1 Drafting are here to support and advise you throughout every stage of designing your new architectural project.

In this page we outline the main phases of the design process from your initial consultation through to construction and outline how we can help you achieve your vision.

This is only a guide, as the various stages described may vary depending on the nature of your proposed development.

Step 1

Initial Consultation

During your initial free consultation, our design staff will discuss your requirements in detail, offering their professional advice to assist you in the preparation of your design brief.

We have extensive experience designing in a wide range of architectural styles and materials and will take you through all the options to ensure you make an informed decision.

Step 2

Free Quotation

Prior to sending you our quotation, we first check all details against your local Council's guidelines to ensure the viability of your project

A comprehensive free written quotation is then prepared, encompassing all aspects and stages of the design process.

Step 3

Site Inspection

Upon acceptance of our quotation, we promptly conduct a site visit to your projects location to assess site conditions and constraints.

This helps our design team understand your location's surrounding environment so the most suitable site specific design can be achieved.

Preliminary measurements are also taken at this time so the building design process can proceed without delay.

Step 4

Site Analysis

A comprehensive site feature survey is carried out by a registered land surveyor to determine all measurements, ground levels and contours.

A1 Drafting then thoroughly checks and balances all measurements taken in the field to ensure accuracy.

Soil samples are also taken for analysis in order to determine the type of foundations and footings your project requires.

A1 Drafting can organize all external consultants on your behalf.

Step 5

Existing Conditions Drawings

With reference to your site survey, drawings are prepared of the existing conditions of the site and any structures on it.

The position and elevation of all adjoining propreties are included for use in developing town planning documentation.

Step 6

Conceptual Design

We are now ready to formalise your ideas.

Following your design brief, our team develop a full set of concept design drawings of your building project. Created using Auto CAD software, these include both floor plans and elevations so you can get a feel for how your new building will look.

We then submit our preliminary design for your comment and approval.

Step 7

Design Development

Through close consultation with yourself, the initial concept design can be altered to better suit your needs. At A1 Drafting we understand that reaching the perfect building design is a process.

We highly recommend that any major changes are made at this early stage, as later amendments necessitate complex adjustment of the working drawings and can conflict with town planning permission, requiring additional planning applications.

Step 8

Town Planning Application

If your project requires town planning permission, our staff support and lead you through every step of the application process.

We develop comprehensive planning documentation to support your application and can organise meetings and attend Council hearings on your behalf.

See our town planning page for further information.

Step 9

Working Drawings and Documentation

Once the concept design has been finalised and town planning permission granted, we are ready to produce the final working drawings from which your project will be constructed.

These fully dimensioned plans and elevations are more detailed than the concept plans and specify every aspect of how the structure is assembled.

These drawings feature:

  • Groundwork, including foundations, floor slabs and drainage design.
  • Building materials, so accurate quantity can be calculated.
  • Dimensions of all pre-produced elements such as timber frames and windows etc. for distribution to the manufacturers.

On request A1 Drafting can produce detailed Internal Fitout Drawings and Specifications, including kitchen layouts, bathroom design, built in cupboards etc. A Schedule of Finishes may also be required, specifying all surface finishes, floor and wall tiling and listing all selected fittings.

Step 10

Energy Assessment

In preparation for your Building Permit application, A1 Drafting conducts a thorough 5 Star Energy Rating Assessment of your project.

We integrate our knowledge of energy efficiency from the very start of the design process, using the latest First Rate Energy software to establish the most cost effective way to achieve a sustainable and environmentally friendly outcome.

Step 11

Building Permit Application

Prior to construction commencing, a building permit must first be obtained from your local Council or private Building Surveyor. A1 Drafting produces all the necessary documentation so this process can progress as fast as possible.

Documentation submitted to the building surveyor includes the full set of working drawings, your energy rating report and structural engineering reports and certification.

Step 12


At A1 Drafting, we don’t consider our job completed until you move in.

Our staff work hand in hand with your building contractor to ensure that construction proceeds without delay. We are on hand to answer any questions that may arise and to make any design adjustments that may be needed.

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